Findlay’s Riverside Pool Opens

Findlay’s Riverside Pool opened for the season on Memorial Day.

Saturday was going to be the opening day but it was too cold, as was Sunday.

Manager/Lifeguard Abby Federici says it can get pretty busy on those long, hot summer days.



And looking at the forecast, it appears the heat is going to be turned way up come the weekend and next week.

Abby says something new this year is that they’re selling ice cream once again.



She says things are back to the way they were pre-COVID, and there are no pandemic health measures in place.

She said, while the pandemic health measures are no longer in place, they have decided to keep up with the extra cleaning and disinfecting they put in place last summer to keep germ spread to a minimum.

The pool is open 1 to 6 daily.

Get more information on the pool by clicking here.