Fire Department Assists Boaters Stuck On Reservoir

The Findlay Fire Department helped out some boaters that got stuck on Findlay Reservoir 2 due to strong winds.

Firefighters responded to the reservoir at around 12:30 Tuesday afternoon and found two men in a boat that had been getting pushed up against the rocks from the wind.

One man had stepped out of the boat to try and hold it off the rocks.

Firefighters lowered one of their boats into the reservoir at the boat ramp and two firefighters headed across to the other side.

After a few minutes the fire department boat could be seen towing the other boat back to the boat ramp area.

The fire department says they handle incidents like this every year and people need to be aware of how strong the wind can get at the reservoirs.

“A lot of times the trolling motors and smaller motors are not strong enough to fight their way back against the wind,” Assistant Chief Brian Sanders told WFIN at the scene.

A sign at Reservoir 2 says outboards and up to 10 hp engines only.

The sign says only electric motors are permitted at Reservoir 1.

You can read over the rules for the reservoirs by clicking here.