First Graduate Of Seneca County Jail GED Program

(From the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office)

The Seneca County Sheriff’s Office would like to recognize a major milestone for inmate Zachery C. Foster.

Zachery recently earned his General Education Diploma or GED.

Melissa Blair is the teacher for our in-jail facility GED program.

GED is a set of tests that when passed, certify the test taker has met high-school level academic skills.

We are very proud of the eight weeks of hard work Zachery put in to complete his education and of all our staff members who worked with him to make it happen.

Zachery is the VERY FIRST inmate to earn a GED while still in our detention facility.

Our case manager, Grace Morehart, has worked hard to become a GED proctor to be able to provide this level of service in our jail.

There is no other jail in our area that have an employee proctor the GED test inside their jail facility.

Studies have shown that the quicker the GED test is taken after the course work, the higher the percentage of passing.

We currently have another inmate who is one test/subject away from obtaining his GED as well!

We have been working hard to bring these type of programs to our facility so that there are options for inmates other than just doing their time. (Stay tuned for a future press release on that!)

We realize the impact of this success extends far beyond the walls of our facility, which is why we’re committed to reducing recidivism and helping cultivate productive members and their re-integration to our community/society.

-Sheriff Stevens