Flag City Honor Flight All Vietnam-Era Flight

Flag City Honor Flight’s All Vietnam-Era flight will be held on Tuesday, June 13th, taking 85 Veterans to Washington, D.C. to see the war memorials built in their honor.

This will be the second of four flights in 2023, the first time Flag City Honor Flight has offered four flights in a single flight season.

We previously spoke with new Honor Flight President and Flight Director Steve Schult, who succeeded former president Bob Weinberg who retired from the position after a decade.



The June flight is an all Vietnam-era flight which is fully sponsored by the Don Templin family of Findlay.

World War II and Korean War Veterans typically get priority on flights due to their age.

As a result, many Vietnam Veterans remain on the waiting list, some for an extended period.

All Vietnam-era flights allow Vietnam Veterans to move up the waiting list more quickly.

Flag City Honor Flight currently has more than 550 Veterans waiting to go on flights.

Each Veteran will have a Guardian accompanying them, a chaperone for the entire day’s activities.

The flight will include students from both Rossford and McComb High Schools as Guardians. “Starting this year, our board made the decision to get high school students involved as Guardians.

The Veterans love it, and what better way for the students to learn history than to be on an Honor Flight with a Veteran in Washington, D.C.” says Steve Schult, president and flight director for Flag City Honor Flight.

The public is encouraged to welcome the Veterans home at Toledo’s Grand Aire hangar at around 9:30 p.m.

Flag City Honor Flight’s remaining 2023 flight dates are September 12th and November 7th.

Veterans on all flights pay absolutely nothing to take the trip with Flag City Honor Flight.

They are accompanied by Guardians, who are asked to make a donation to help with expenses.

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