Flag City Honor Flight Encouraging Veterans To Apply For 2021 Trips

After being grounded for a year by the COVID pandemic, Flag City Honor Flight is ready to fly again.

Flag City Honor Flight President Bob Weinberg says they will have two flights and two bus trips later this year.



On September 14th and November 3rd, Flag City Honor Flight will take approximately 80 Veterans, accompanied by their guardians, on a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the war
memorials built in their honor.

All Veterans interested in making the trip are encouraged to apply now.

Applications from World War II Veterans are needed as soon as possible if they want to fly this year.

Flights are open to Veterans of all eras, but World War II era Veterans are always given priority.

Flag City Honor Flight will also be offering two annual bus trips, scheduled this year for September 24 – 27 and October 15 – 18.

The bus trips, in partnership with 50 North, are open to eligible Vietnam era Veterans.

The trips are totally free for Veterans and are made possible by generous donations and from corporate sponsors.

Get more details about Flag City Honor Flight and applying for one of the trips by clicking here.

(pictures courtesy of Flag City Honor Flight)


Flag City Honor Flight