Flood Mitigation Projects Upcoming In Findlay

A handful of anticipated flood mitigation projects in Findlay should be happening over the next few years.

We spoke with Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn about the projects, which she says will lower 100-year storm event flood levels in downtown Findlay by three feet.



The Phase 2 Benching project will take place along the north side of the Blanchard River in downtown Findlay from North Cory Street to the CSX railroad. As part of the Phase 2 Benching project the city wants to put in a Downtown Recreation Area, and you can click here for more details on that.

The Norfolk Southern Railroad Bridge over the Blanchard River west of Cory Street will be replaced with the new design eliminating a choke point on the river and helping flood mitigation.

The project will replace the current 150-foot span bridge that is more than 100 years old with a new bridge with a 300-foot span.

The enlarged opening will allow the flow of the Blanchard to pass more efficiently and will reduce the 100-year flood elevation by 0.4 feet immediately upstream.

The bridge is anticipated to be constructed in 2024.

The Eagle Creek Floodwater Storage Basin will be constructed south of Findlay.

The basin is expected to lower flood levels in downtown Findlay in a 100-year storm event by 1.5 feet.

Construction is targeted for 2024.

Get more on the upcoming projects by clicking here.

Findlay’s previous flood mitigation efforts have included the Phase 1 Benching project along the Blanchard River west of downtown, near Swale Park, and removing flood-prone properties along it.