Fostoria Police No Longer Taking In Stray/Loose Dogs

The Fostoria Police Division says it has seen a huge increase in loose dog calls in the city.

Officers have been interrupted during their traffic stops or while on calls for service, by people who have caught loose dogs and want to turn the dogs in.

“These types of incidents create a huge risk for officers’ safety, as well as interfering with the officers’ ability to assist the public,” said Police Chief Gabe Wedge.

“The police department has also had weekends where they have had 3-4 dogs in their care/custody for 2-3 days at a time, incurring the liability of each dog should something bad happen.”

Chief Wedge says, effective immediately, like all other surrounding cities, The Fostoria Police Department will no longer take in lost/ stray dogs unless the dog is deemed vicious, by the responding officer.

Any reports of loose dogs will be forwarded to the appropriate County Dog Warden.

People are encouraged to call the County Dog Warden themselves at 419-448-5097 for Seneca County, 419-423-1664 for Hancock County or 419-354-9242 for Wood County.

“Most of the officers here at the Fostoria Police Department are dog owners; so, we hate having to make this decision, but we can’t keep operating in this manner. Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.”