Fostoria Police Warning Of Variety Of Scams

The Fostoria Police Division says someone is trying to use their good name to scam people out of money.

The police department says an individual who goes by the name of Steven has been calling people and asking for financial donations in support of law enforcement.

Police Chief Keith Loreno assures residents that police are not soliciting money and if you get a similar call to hang up and report it to police.

He says, with tax season approaching, people will start to see scammers claiming to be with the IRS requesting money or gift cards in lieu of payment.

He says to hang up, as the IRS will never call you and request money.

The chief also reminds people to not fall for the classic scam of someone calling and saying you have a warrant and they try to collect the bond over the phone.

“We find it more personal to serve these in person,” the chief said.