Fostoria Saving Nearly $100,000 Per Year By Not Hiring New Police Officers

6/21/17 – 6:53 A.M.

Fostoria is saving more money than previously thought by not replacing two police officers. The Review-Times reports the city stands to save nearly $100,000 this year. Mayor Eric Keckler talked to city council about the numbers Tuesday night. At a previous meeting, Interim Safety Service Director Lewie Ekleberry told Keckler that not replacing the officers would save the city $30,000. On Tuesday Keckler said, “that was a mistake that we made because of no good reason.”

Fostoria police officers have made more than $117,000 in overtime this year. Officials say that’s still less expensive than hiring two new officers.

The Fostoria Police Department currently has 20 officers on staff, including two school resource officers. Hiring seven officers to serve in the field would cost Fostoria around $679,000 a year.

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