Fostoria School Officials Working Out Logistical Issues Before Resuming Classes

1/11/18 – 5:18 A.M.

Fostoria school officials continue to work to get junior high and high school students back in classes following a boiler room fire earlier this week. The Courier reports the district’s goal is to resume classes by Tuesday. Where those classes take place still remains a question.

During a Wednesday board meeting, Superintendent Andrew Sprang said the district is “well on our way to having our kids located within the city.” Sprang wants to finalize more details before making plans public. The district is currently working on logistics like food service and transportation.

In the meantime, Sprang says they hope to have lockers in the junior/senior high school cleaned out today so students can get their belongings back. Staff members have also been getting things out of their classrooms so they can use them once classes resume in temporary spaces.

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