Garner Trucking President On High Fuel Prices

Garner Trucking President and CEO Sherri Garner Brumbaugh went on Fox News to talk about the high cost of fuel and the effect it’s having on the industry and her operation in Findlay.

Sherri tells WFIN that they’re on track to spend around $1.2 million more on diesel fuel this year compared to last.

She says this week they bought diesel at $5.25 a gallon, when a year ago it was $3.60 and $2.60 the year before that.

“I’m putting more money in fuel tanks than I am paychecks.”



To help deal with the high cost of fuel, she says they do pass on a fuel surcharge to their customers who then factor that into the cost of their products, causing inflation.

She says they’re fortunate to have good customers with contracts that have fuel surcharge repayments.

“But it just makes you look at your whole operation and want to reserve cash, because that bill for fuel comes every seven days.”