Governor Implores Ohioans To “Keep Going” In COVID Battle

Governor DeWine delivered a statewide COVID-19 address to Ohioans as cases continue to spike across Ohio.

The governor says we’re in a critical stage in our battle with the virus.

In his Wednesday night address he reissued the state’s mask order with three new provisions for stores.

Stores will be required to post a sign and enforce mask-wearing for customers and employees.

A retail compliance unit will inspect stores to see if they’re compliant.

The first violation will bring about a written warning and a second violation will bring about closure of the store for up to 24 hours.

Also in the address, the governor said if this trend continues of cases increasing the state will be forced to close restaurants, bars and fitness centers.

He’s asking everyone to avoid hosting or attending gatherings, whether it’s a birthday party, a sleepover or a football game.

And he warned people about the potential of COVID being brought into your home if you host a meal with more than just the family members you live with.

DeWine said he understands everyone is tired of the virus but says we need to recommit to things like mask-wearing and social distancing so we can bring the numbers down.

He even quoted Winston Churchill during World War II in saying “when you’re going through hell, keep going.”

5,874 new cases were reported in Ohio on Wednesday along with 76 new deaths.

There are now a total of 267,356 cases in Ohio as of Wednesday and 5,623 deaths.

Watch the governor’s speech here.