Governor Lifts Mask Mandate For Vaccinated Ohioans

Governor DeWine has lifted the state’s mask mandate, effective immediately, for Ohioans who have been vaccinated against COVID-19, in step with a change in guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The governor announced on Friday that he’s directing the Ohio Department of Health to change the state’s mask requirement to reflect that new guidance from the CDC.

“The CDC still recommends everyone wear masks when they are in a healthcare setting, when they are traveling on public transportation, including airplanes, and when they are in a business or employer that chooses to require masks,” the governor said. “Our order will be amended to reflect these recommendations as well.”

The change means vaccinated Ohioans no longer have to wear a mask, while unvaccinated Ohioans still have to wait until June 2nd when the state’s pandemic health orders are lifted entirely.

The governor points out that businesses and schools will still be able to enforce their own requirements, such as masks, when the state’s health orders are lifted.