Governor Optimistic Mask-Wearing Will Increase

Governor DeWine in his Monday coronavirus briefing had a message for people who don’t think COVID-19 is still a threat.

“It is. If you aren’t worried about yourself, you should worry about your mom, your dad, even strangers who could get COVID-19 from you.”

He’s also asking Ohioans to continue wearing a face mask, and if you haven’t been wearing one, to start.

“Wearing a mask is not something you do for yourself. It’s something you do for others. I am optimistic that the number of people wearing face coverings will increase as they realize what is at stake. Lives are at stake.”

The governor said what we do and how we practice safety habits will literally determine whether other people live or die.

“What you do could cost others their lives. When you go out to a bar or restaurant, have fun – but it’s critical to keep social distancing.”

DeWine is warning Ohio’s restaurant and bar owners they could face criminal charges or lose their liquor licenses if they don’t stick to social distancing rules.

Outdoor dining was allowed to resume on Friday as long as certain requirements were met, including keeping customers six-feet apart.

Photos showing people standing shoulder to shoulder and mostly unmasked at the Standard Hall in Columbus gained national attention.