Governor Outlines Plan To Start Slowly Reopening Ohio

Governor Mike DeWine on Monday outlined his plan to slowly start reopening the Buckeye State.

The governor said as of Friday, May 1st, all health procedures can resume in hospitals that don’t require an overnight stay, and dentists and veterinarians may return to normal procedures.

He said manufacturing, distribution and production will resume on Monday May 4th, as will offices.

With that comes strict measures for wearing masks and taking other precautions and DeWine is encouraging companies whose employees can work from home to continue doing that.

Consumer retail and services will be allowed to reopen on Monday, May 12th.

All employees and customers will be required to wear facial coverings.

Governer DeWine said he knows there’s a great desire to get restaurants fully open and to get hair salons and daycares open “but we must first start down the pathway of opening things up where we thought there was less risk and a more controllable risk.”

(In the picture with this story, it appears Pratt Image Salon in Findlay will have to wait longer than May 1st to reopen as will all salons)

DeWine said as Ohio begins to reopen, the state’s stay-at-home order will remain in place, as will the order prohibiting gatherings of more than 10 people.

The governor said with any decision regarding the coronavirus pandemic and reopening there is a risk, but he said he feels like the state’s plan hits the “sweet spot”.

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