Governor Says COVID Is Spreading Like Never Before

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine on Monday said “we’re not talking about shutting down, we’re talking about slowing down.”

He says this is a very crucial time in the pandemic as cases continue to surge across the state.

The governor’s asking people to reduce their social interactions over the next few weeks, as we’re seeing a tremendous spread in the virus because people are letting their guard down around family and friends.

He says, with this amount of community spread in Ohio, your odds of getting this virus are much higher now.

“COVID-19 numbers for Nov. 16 show that 7,268 cases were reported in the past 24 hours. To compare, five months ago on June 16, there were 434 new cases reported in 24 hours. The coronavirus spread we’re seeing now is like nothing we’ve seen before,” DeWine said.

“This is a different ballgame. We must all wear masks, practice social distancing, and protect one another.”

The statewide total for cases since the pandemic began has surged past the 300,000 mark, while the death toll stands at more than 5,700.

The governor has threatened to close restaurants, bars and gyms again if coronavirus cases continue to rise.