Governor Signs Bill Making It Easier For Teachers To Be Armed

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine has signed a bill that drastically reduces the training hours required for teachers and other school staff to carry guns at school.

An Ohio Supreme Court decision last year required school staff to have peace officer level training to carry a weapon – that’s more than 700 hours.

The new law says they’ll need up to 24, and Governor DeWine is mandating that it be the maximum of 24.

Schools are not required to allow staff to be armed and some have already said they won’t do it.

We reached out to Findlay City Schools Board of Education President Matt Cooper to see if this is something the board will consider for the district.

Cooper said the school board has no reaction at this time and that this issue is currently not an item on their agenda to be discussed.

Ohio Federation of Teachers president Melissa Cropper says this bill makes Ohio schools less safe.

“We are disappointed that Governor DeWine signed HB 99 into law despite widespread concern from educators, parents, and public safety professionals.”