Governor Signs Ohio Transportation Budget Bill

Governor Mike DeWine has signed House Bill 174, which will invest $8.3 billion into the state’s transportation systems.

DeWine signed the bill on Wednesday, setting the transportation budget for the fiscal year 2022 through 2023.

The bill received bipartisan support and features $318 million for highway safety projects, $2.6 billion for state-maintained roadway improvements, $2.4 billion for local roadway improvements, $74 million for public transit, and $8 million for electric vehicle charging station grants.

“This budget ensures that we can continue to maintain and invest in Ohios roadways,” said Governor DeWine.

“Ohios transportation system continues to be a critical part of our economy, moving materials and people safely across our state. This budget advances our commitment to invest in state and locally-maintained roadways.”

The bill also requires completion of in-person or online classes for driver’s licenses before beginning behind-the-wheel instruction.