Ground Broken On New Feed Industry Testing Lab

The feed industry will soon have another option for laboratory testing services.

Groundbreaking for Veritas AgrilabsTM was held in Carey.

The lab will focus on testing animal feed ingredients, finished feed, and forages for customers across the United States.

The name Veritas, which means, truth, in Latin, was chosen for the name because it represents the values to which the laboratory organization aspires.

Veritas AgrilabsTM will be an independent, accredited laboratory that is dedicated to providing accurate and timely results to the animal feed industry.

Veritas AgrilabsTM will be a full service laboratory, offering testing services such as NIR spectroscopy, mycotoxin testing, particle size analysis, proximates (protein, fat, fiber, ADF, NDF and ash); minerals analysis, nitrogen, potash and potassium as well as moisture content.

The lab plans to add additional testing capabilities in the future.

The newly constructed building will contain multiple specialized labs with state-of-the-art testing equipment expected by modern laboratory customers.

Veritas is excited to announce that Joy Fetter will be leading the new lab organization.

Fetter has spent over 8 years in the pharmaceutical laboratory industry as an analyst and manager.

“I am thrilled to be joining such an exciting project. It’s a unique opportunity to start at the ground floor and design the facility with the requirements needed to meet our goals: (1) accurate, consistent results, (2) outstanding customer service, and (3) improved turnaround time. I can’t wait to see the impact for the feed industry.”

Veritas AgrilabsTM is located on the research campus of Kalmbach Nutritional Services.

Chris Steiner, VP of Sales for KNS added, “I am excited to be able to improve the quality and service that KNS is offering to our customers by adding Veritas AgrilabsTM to the Kalmbach family. This demonstrates the commitment that KNS has to our customers and the future of our industry.”

Paul Kalmbach Jr., President of Kalmbach Feeds, also stated, “This lab, in addition to the multiple research and innovation sites that Kalmbach has added over the last two years, is a continuation of our desire to create value for our customers and be able to better serve them for years to come.”

Construction of the facility (rendering below) is expected to be completed in December 2022, with full lab services open to the industry beginning in the first quarter of 2023.