Hanco EMS Taking Extra Precautions To Protect Against Coronavirus

Hanco EMS is taking extra precautions to keep their paramedics safe from the coronavirus.

EMS Chief Rob Martin says they always have safety precautions in place but now they’re taking it to the next level.

He says they’re wearing eye protection, N95 masks and gloves on every single run.

Martin says they typically wear pieces of that equipment but now it’s all three on every run to protect the crews.

“Because there could be somebody out there that isn’t presenting with the symptoms and we could come into contact with them and then find out later that they had the virus.”

He says when it’s possible they put a surgical mask on the patient to prevent them from expelling anything that could get on the paramedic.

Martin says their crews have their temperatures checked at the beginning of every shift to make sure they’re not coming down with something.

He says they’re also taking the decontamination of their equipment and squads to the next level as well.