Hancock County BOE Sets Up Drop Box For Absentee Ballots

The Hancock County Board of Elections has set up a drop box for absentee ballot requests and ballots outside their building at 201 East Lincoln Street in Findlay.

People can drop their information in the drop box at any time.

You can also pick up absentee requests from the small box attached to the east side of the drop box.

The drop box is monitored 24/7.

People can also still mail the board of elections and request an absentee ballot.

The board of elections says it thanks everyone for being so patient, and they have started to mail out the ballots as requested.

Ohio’s primary was moved from March 17th to April 28th and will be held through the mail now thanks to the coronavirus.

All ballots need to be postmarked by April 27th.

If you already voted in the March 17th primary your vote will be counted.

Get more information from the Hancock County Board of Elections here.