Hancock County Getting Mobile Health Clinic

Hancock Public Health is getting a mobile health clinic to help them administer services to people throughout the county.

“It’s going to be a resource on wheels,” said Health Commissioner Karim Baroudi.

“Instead of waiting for people to come into hospitals or public health, we’re going to go out to them.”

He says it will be used for a variety of prevention initiatives like immunizations and health education.

But he says the first thing it’ll be utilized for is administering the COVID vaccine.



“It fills an immediate need to administer the vaccine, to be mobile enough and agile enough to go to different target groups.”

He says the mobile clinic will be fully equipped with two exam rooms, a lab area and refrigeration and freezing capacity so they can transport medicine and vaccines.

The Hancock County Commissioners recently approved matching the amount the City of Findlay gives to the initiative up to $100,000.

Baroudi says The Findlay Rotary Club and Blanchard Valley Hospital have also been big supporters of the project.

He says the clinic should be up and running and coming to a neighborhood near you in April.