Hancock County Issue 4 Defeated By Wide Margin

11/7/17 – 10:06 P.M.

Hancock County voters overwhelmingly said “no” to Issue 4. Nearly 75 percent of the ballots cast Tuesday went against the quarter-percent sales tax levy. Commissioner Tim Bechtol says the county has to do a better job of presenting its case in the future…

Audio:Tim Bechtol

Bechtol adds the county will do a better job of listening to the concerns of voters in both the city and county when they readdress the issue.

Commissioner Brian Robertson said they’ll have to find a different approach to addressing the needs of the criminal justice system…

Audio:Brian Robertson

Robertson says the commissioners will get back to work trying to find an investment model for the long-term stability of the criminal justice system that the community can agree on.

Issue 4 was a proposed quarter-percent sales tax to raise money for a jail expansion and a new administrative building.