Hancock County Mentors Saluted With Yard Signs

The month of January is National Mentoring Month and you may have seen the signs placed in yards by Children’s Mentoring Connection of Hancock County saying “We love our mentors.”

Children’s Mentoring Connection also received a proclamation from Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn in recognition of January being National Mentoring Month.

Executive Director Stacy Shaw says Children’s Mentoring Connection serves youth in Hancock County ages 6 to 14 through school-based and community-based programs.

She says their mission is to positively impact lives one meaningful connection at a time.

“For children to thrive it’s critical for them to have at least one caring person in their life outside of their family, Stacy said.

She says in honor of National Mentoring Month Children’s Mentoring Connection is recognizing their volunteer mentors with yard signs showing they love their mentors.



Stacy says, 40 years ago, Kathy Peiffer and Heidi Nuhfer met through Children’s Mentoring Connections founding agency Big Brothers/Big Sisters (BBBS).

Heidi was 8 years old when her mother enrolled her in our program and their bond formed very quickly.

In celebration of their 40 years, Kathy and her husband Garry have generously established a matching donation fund up to $40,000 to support our mentoring programs.

Get more in the Facebook post below, and learn more about Children’s Mentoring Connection by clicking here for their website.