Hancock County Receives State Money For Brownfield Projects

Hancock County is receiving money from the state to complete two projects as part of the Ohio Brownfield Remediation Program.

The Ohio Department of Development is providing funding for 78 projects, including approximately $54.8 million for 37 clean-up projects and $5.5 million for 41 assessment projects.

The projects will impact communities in 35 counties across the state.

We spoke with Commissioner Mike Pepple about the projects the funding will cover in Findlay.

Hancock County is receiving $492,000 for cleanup and remediation of a property just north of the Blanchard River in Findlay (pictured above) that was an operational plating company.





Cleanup activities will include pre-demolition, asbestos removal, demolition, transportation, and disposal.

After remediation, the site will be redeveloped as public greenspace and a benching project for flood mitigation will occur.

Hancock County is also getting $231,000 for an assessment project on a property at the northeast corner of Interstate 75 and County Road 99.

The property contains 12 bulk above-ground storage tanks built between 1903 and 1939.

The tanks were dismantled starting in the 1950s and removal was completed in the 1970s.

Prior assessments identified potential contamination on the property.

Brownfield Remediation Program funds will allow for a Phase II assessment on the property.

After assessment and remediation, the City of Findlay and property owners are working to redevelop the area as housing and commercial development.

The $60 million grant announcement represents the first group of grants awarded as part of Round 1 of the Ohio Brownfield Remediation Program, with nearly $350 million to be invested in total across the state in the coming months.