Hancock County Residents Have A Number Of Options For Trash Services

4/1/19 – 5:08 A.M.

Trash hauling is a big business in Findlay and Hancock County. Area residents learned just how many trash haulers are available following the recent closure of G.I.B.S. Sanitation Services. There are 33 trash haulers licensed in Hancock County. Of those, 14 are licensed to operate in Findlay.

While there are more trash hauling businesses than you might have thought, not just anyone can collect trash. Every truck gets inspected, and there is a $25 per vehicle charge for a license to operate in Findlay. Access to the Hancock County landfill starts with a gate fee of $29.75 per ton for in county haulers. Out-of-county haulers pay $2 more per ton. There are also other fees to help offset the costs of EPA regulations.

In 2017 the landfill took in more than 145,000 tons of waste. Nearly 80 percent of that came from within the county.

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