Hancock County Revenue Estimates For 2019 Approved

10/30/18 – 10:42 A.M.

An estimate of revenues for 2019 in Hancock County shows the county expects to bring in $13.3 million in tax revenue next year. Thats compared to $16.2 million this year. But that doesnt actually mean the county will be down nearly $3 million.

The revenue estimates dont account for the recently approved quarter-percent sales tax. Commissioner Brian Robertson says by law they arent allowed to include the tax in their projections since it wont officially go into effect until January.

The new sales tax takes the place of an expiring quarter-percent sales tax. Once those numbers are factored in, tax revenue should stay fairly even with 2018 numbers.

The county commissioners approved the estimate of revenues during their Tuesday meeting as part of the 2019 budgeting process.