Hancock Hotel Ready For Business

2/26/18 – 11:30 A.M.

The final phase of the Marathon expansion project in downtown Findlay is near completion. The Hancock Hotel opens its doors to guests this week. General Manager Matt Korsos says the hotel on the corner of South Main Street and East Lincoln Street already employs around 100 people at the moment

Audio:Matt Korsos

Korsos says wages are very competitive for the industry.

Korsos adds they went to great lengths to tie the new hotel to the community

Audio:Matt Korsos

Korsos says most of the employees are from Hancock County as well. They also named the suites in the hotel after communities in the county.

One of the features of the new hotel is a Mancys Steakhouse

Audio:Matt Korsos

Korsos says the restaurant is taking limited reservations this week. Dining is by reservation only.

Around half of the hotel’s employees work in the steakhouse.