Hancock Parks Starting To Show Signs Of Spring

The Hancock Park District says it’s evident that spring is coming at the county’s parks.

On Friday morning, Hancock Park District Natural Resource Assistant Grant Kinsinger surveyed a trap that set Thursday night at Oakwoods Nature Preserve as part of a Spring Salamander Survey.

Although no salamanders were captured, the trap did offer a good study of a leopard frog and a fairy shrimp.

A similar trap was set at Blanchard River Nature Preserve, resulting in a tangle of salamanders and a turtle.

Wetlands, such as those that will result from the current H2Ohio-funded Wetland Restoration Project at Oakwoods Nature Preserve, provide important habitat for amphibians and other wildlife.

Learn more about the Hancock Park Districts Oakwoods Nature Preserve Wetlands Project by clicking here, and in the video below the turtle.

(pictures and story courtesy of the Hancock Park District)


Hancock Park District