Hancock Public Health Examines Funding Options For New Facility

2/6/18 – 1:57 P.M.

Hancock Public Health wants to move into a more public location, but officials say funding for the facility needs sorted out. Director Karim Baroudi met with the county commissioners to talk about the issue Tuesday. Commissioner Mark Gazarek says he understands the need for space but has concerns about bonding a new building

Audio:Mark Gazarek

The commissioners suggested Baroudi meet with the city to see if they would lend Hancock Health the money for a new building…

Audio:Mark Gazarek

Baroudi says as an independent board Hancock Health can also seek out its own funding through a bank loan. He adds they want to examine all options before making a decision.

Baroudi says their budget projections show they would have no problem making a loan payment if the state accredits the agency. However, he has concerns about getting accreditation in the current building on County Road 140.

Commissioner Brian Robertson says the county could help with renovations at the current facility to help the agency earn accreditation.