Hancock Public Health Holds Narcan Distribution Event

Hancock Public Health held a Narcan distribution event on Friday.

The agency’s Gary Bright says they handed out around 70 of the kits during the event in the parking lot of the Marathon Center for the Performing Arts.

Last year, they distributed nearly 700 Narcan kits over the course of the year and he says they are on their way to handing out even more this year.

“It looks pretty clear to us that the more Narcan kits we get out there, in the hands of folks who may potentially overdose, the less fatal overdoses we’re going to have,” Bright said.




He says while Narcan can rapidly reverse an overdose it’s imperative to call 911 because the opioid is still in the person’s system.

Bright says non-fatal overdoses have gone up since the pandemic began, but fatal overdoses have been trending down over the last few years.

In 2019 in Hancock County there were 15 fatal overdoses while there have been six so far this year.

Click here for more information about Narcan and how to receive a kit.