Hancock Public Health Preparing For Possibility of Coronavirus Cases

Hancock Public Health says it’s working with the Ohio Department of Health and the CDC to stay apprised of the coronavirus situation and prepare for possible cases.

As of now, epidemiologist Chad Masters says the best way to protect yourself and others is to keep up with your daily prevention steps.

“We’re having people make sure they stay home when they’re sick just like they would with influenza, wash your hands and use proper cough and sneeze etiquette.”

Masters says, currently, the risk level for transmission remains low in the U.S; with 60 confirmed cases including 45 who acquired the virus abroad.

No confirmed cases have been reported in Hancock County or Ohio.

He says the flu continues to be the priority locally and the prevention steps are the same for both illnesses.

More information about coronavirus can be found on Hancock Public Health’s website and the Ohio Department of Health’s website.

Meantime, Governor Mike DeWine is asking for a community-wide effort to combat the threat of the coronavirus.

DeWine says he has ordered state agencies to take proactive and preventive measures to help the public limit their risk to a possible outbreak.

DeWine also asked for employers to be flexible with their workers when it comes to sick time for both themselves and their children.

Ohio Health Director Dr. Amy Acton also spoke, saying the public should not be scared but should be prepared by getting a flu shot and stocking up on medications.