Health Department Issues Alert For Spike In Fatal Overdoses

Hancock County health officials have issued an overdose spike alert after two more fatal overdoses in Findlay and Hancock County.

Hancock Public Health on Tuesday said that Hancock County has experienced two fatal overdoses in the past two days.

That makes a total of four fatal overdoses in Hancock County over the past seven-day period.

The health department said the county has never had more than four fatal overdoses in one month, and now there’s been four in one week.

They say they do usually see more illegal drug usage and overdoses over the holidays.

Anyone who suspects an overdose should call 911 immediately.

People are being asked to spread the following Harm Reduction messaging in their contact circles in the hope of avoiding future overdose deaths.

1) Always have naloxone on hand. Project DAWN

2) Never use alone. Never Use Alone Inc. – 800-484-3731

3) Use fentanyl test strips. BIDPP or SOAR

4) Check in on friends, families, neighbors and coworkers to share this information.

5) Call QRT for outreach to an overdose survivor: QRT