Health Director Warns Of Several Bad Weeks To Come

Governor DeWine on Wednesday said the sacrifices Ohioans have been making are flattening the curve but the battle is ongoing and we need to continue staying home.

Ohio Health Director Dr. Amy Acton said that even though our efforts have bought us time, the number of coronavirus cases and deaths are going to increase, but not nearly as much as they would have had we done nothing.

“Though the models show we’re making headway, we are going to have several bad weeks to come. We’re going in the right direction but we are not out of the woods.”

Statewide there were 5,148 confirmed cases as of Wednesday and 193 deaths.

Officials say the actual number of cases is likely much higher.

And when the coronavirus finally goes away, the governor said life won’t go back exactly to how it was before.

“There will be many thoughtful decisions on what we must do to stop a second surge. It will be a gradual pull-back of restrictions as we try to get back to normal.”

Hancock County on Wednesday reported it was up to 17 cases.