Historian Holding Book Signing For Dillinger Book

“Four guys walk into a Bluffton bank,” a collection of stories about the August 14th, 1933 John Dillinger robbery of Citizens National Bank in Bluffton is being released.

Bluffton historian Fred Steiner compiled the 20-page, 5,000-plus word booklet, available during a book signing from 10:30 a.m. to noon, Saturday, December 3, at the Bluffton Senior Citizens Center, 132 North Main Street in Bluffton.

Over the past decades, Steiner interviewed many people with other stories of the robbery.

This is the first time those stories are in one collection.

“This collection contains genuine accounts of what took place during the most infamous Bluffton 20th century event,” said Steiner.

Bluffton News editor, Ted Biery, witnessed the robbery, watching it unfold as he hid behind an automobile on Main Street.

His lengthy and detailed Bluffton News account is part of this collection.

The booklet also includes a downtown Bluffton map, showing where bullets were lodged and where eyewitnesses watched.

Contact Steiner at [email protected] for details about acquiring a copy of the booklet.

In April, Steiner gave a presentation on Dillinger at the Findlay-Hancock County Public Library.