Humane Society Staying Busy During Pandemic

The Humane Society and SPCA of Hancock County is keeping busy during the pandemic.

“Our adoptions have not slowed down thankfully for dogs, cats and even our small animals,” said Natalie Reffitt.

She says even four guinea pigs were recently adopted within days of arriving.

(Pictured above is Loppy, whose owner recently passed away, and she’s looking for a good home)

The adoption process is different now thanks to the pandemic.

Natalie says people now have to fill out an adoption application online and then an appointment will be scheduled for when they can come in and look at the animal they’re interested in.

She says more people are also fostering a pet since they’ve been ordered to stay home.

One family made such a good connection with their foster pet they decided to adopt it.

Natalie says the pandemic is hurting donations to the humane society, and any donations would be greatly appreciated.

She says if people are having a tough time making ends meet because they lost their job to the pandemic, they can contact the humane society for free pet food which will be left outside and they can come and pick it up.

Check out some of the animals up for adoption here.

Below is video from the humane society’s Wags and Walks event from last fall.

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