Hydrogen Sulfide Monitor Installed In Fostoria

4/3/19 – 5:21 A.M.

Fostoria now has a permanent hydrogen sulfide monitor in place. The Ohio EPA installed the equipment outside the municipal building last week. The EPA will use the monitor to keep an eye on odors from the Sunny Farms landfill south of the city.

Fostoria Mayor Eric Keckler told city council the EPA will track readings in Columbus and report back on what they find. The city had hoped to install three gauges to keep more consistent records, but that would have cost around $80,000. Fostoria does have two hand-held monitors.

Keckler says a four-hour period showed readings around 23 last Wednesday. The goal is to get under 15. As a result, a hotline set up to report odors from the landfill received 19 calls that night.

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