Interstate 75/County Road 99 Redesign Project Fully Funded

The Findlay-Hancock County Economic Development office says the Ohio Department of Transportation has approved the final $26.9 million for the redesign of the Interstate 75/County Road 99 interchange on the north end of Findlay.

The Diverging Diamond project, the only one funded in District 1 this round, is slated to begin construction in 2024 and will cost a total of $34.2 million dollars.

The City of Findlay allocated $1,420,000 to the project, Hancock County contributed $200,000, with the remaining balance being funded by the State of Ohio.

“The diverging diamond will be a real game changer for our commercial and industrial community,” said Dan Sheaffer, Director, Findlay-Hancock County Economic Development.

“The upgrade will result in an asset that will not only serve our legacy companies but will also help attract new business.”



The funding for the project was approved through ODOT’s Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC).

TRAC was established by Ohio Revised Code in 1997 to help ODOT develop and modify a selection process that approves funding for the development and construction of projects greater than $12 million.

“As TRAC members, we review many applications across the State of Ohio. This project has a substantial economic impact, and it is no small feat to be awarded such a significant investment,” said Tim Mayle, TRAC member.

He said the project has been supported by many of Findlay’s industrial and commercial businesses. Over the past several years, 2.37 million square feet of industrial capacity has been constructed across 12 facilities along the County Road 99 corridor.

The project will reconstruct the Interstate 75 and County Road 99 (I-75/CR 99) interchange to better accommodate existing and future traffic. It will include upgrades along County Road 99 from just west of Technology Drive to just east of North Main Street. Together, the improvements will reduce congestion, reduce the risk of crashes, and make travel in the area easier and safer.

The project includes the construction of a new bridge next to and south of the existing bridge, reconfiguring the existing bridge, reconstruction or widening of the existing ramps and widening of County Road 99 from Technology Drive to Main Street, storm sewer upgrades from Main Street to the outfall at Howard Run, drainage and erosion control, traffic signals, traffic control and lighting, and construction of sidewalks and a shared-use path.

“I am thrilled that this much-needed project is coming to fruition. This investment along the corridor is going to further support Findlay’s momentum of economic growth while ensuring a safe, efficient, and welcoming entrance to this key area,” said Findlay Mayor Christina Muryn.

During the construction phase, expected to begin in spring 2024, traffic will be maintained in order to minimize the impact to local business.

Signage and wayfinding will also be installed to assist in this effort. The newly constructed interchange is expected to become operational by the fall of 2025.