IRS Scams Plague Hancock County Wednesday

08/01/18 – 5:20 P.M.

There has been a massive amount of IRS scam calls to Hancock County residents today. Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik explained that you should just hang up.

Lydia Mihalik

Mihalik said that while the scam is old, the method is new

Lydia Mihalik

Mihalik said that they have even received reports of the scammers reaching out through text as well.

The scammers will call or text saying that they are from the IRS and that you owe money. They’ll say if you don’t pay then they will have you arrested. Mihalik explained that the IRS will not call or text you and threaten to throw in jail.

If you receive this scam, you should hang up. Never send money or private information to someone you do not know.