Judges Talk Benefits Of Safe Surrender Event

The Findlay Municipal Court will be holding its 6th Annual Safe Surrender Day on April 27th from 9 to 4 p.m. in conjunction with Second Chance Month.

April is Second Chance Month, which aims to inform and highlight the many opportunities for state and local governments and community-based service providers to build meaningful second chances for our community members.

Over the past five years, the court has assisted 383 individuals in clearing up their legal issues by clearing 450 bench warrants.

“Safe Surrender Day has been a great success for the court, law enforcement and the community by reducing the number of active bench warrants issued to area law enforcement and affording offenders a chance to address their legal issues without immediately going to jail.”

Judges Stephanie Bishop and Alan Hackenberg were on with WFIN’s Chris Oaks to discuss the program.



Individuals with active FINDLAY MUNICIPAL COURT bench warrants who report to the Court on that day will not be arrested and will work with designated court staff to clear their warrants. Some examples include:

Individuals who failed to attend a court hearing will be seen by the Judge, Magistrate or court staff that day.

Individuals who failed to perform community service will be reassigned to a work location. If the individual missed a community service contempt hearing, the hearing will be conducted to and the person will be permitted to reschedule their community service;

Individuals who did not complete counseling for mental health or substance abuse will be allowed to re-engage in treatment.

Individuals who did not attend a status conference will meet with a magistrate or court staff to review their financial ability to pay outstanding fines and to establish a new payment plan;

Individuals who did not report to serve a jail sentence will be issued a new date to report;

Staff from the City of Findlay Law Director’s Office will be available along with staff from the Hancock County Public Defender’s Office to meet with their clients. Upon reporting to the Court on Safe Surrender Day, the warrant will be lifted and recalled from law enforcement. This is a one day only event. The Court currently has 2858 active bench warrants. Individuals who are unsure if they have an outstanding bench warrant can view a list of active Findlay Municipal Court warrants here.

Appointments are preferred but walk-ins are also accepted. To schedule an appointment or for more information call the Clerk’s office at 419-424-7141.