Kids Enjoy Trick-Or-Treat On Horseback In Findlay

A lot of youngsters enjoyed a different kind of trick-or-treat the last two weekends in Findlay…on horseback.

Trick Or Treat On Horseback is a fundraiser put on by Project HOPE which uses horses to help people dealing with emotional and behavioral challenges.

The money raised during the event will go towards the organization’s operating expenses throughout the year.

We asked board member Amanda Vrooman what makes a good therapy horse.

“A horse that has a calm disposition, that can manage kids being around them.”

She says one of the horses, Miss Miley, helped her daughter when she had some issues before school one day recently.

“And Miley just stood there and let her cry and hold her and hug, that’s what they’re really good at.”

Amanda says Trick Or Treat On Horseback gets more and more popular every year.

Get more details on Project HOPE here.