Land Lab Makes A Comeback At Chamerlin Hill Intermediate School

7/3/17 – 7:02 A.M.

A fixture at Findlay’s Chamberlin Hill Intermediate School is making a comeback. The Courier reports a community effort to restore the Land Lab outdoor learning space has brought back the facility. The outdoor space had been a place for students to learn about science in a hands-on environment. Seven Eagle Scout projects over the years helped improve and add to the facility.

However unwanted growth at the lab increased, eventually to the point where the school couldn’t use it anymore.

That changed when neighborhood resident Sarah Palmer and Susie Stratton of Stratton Greenhouses in Bluffton asked if they could fix it. Members of the Findlay High School football team helped remove weeds and thistles. Millstream Career Center students repaired the boardwalk and benches in the area.

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