Lawmakers Attend Manufacturing Roundtable In Findlay

(From the Center for Advanced Manufacturing)

Industry leaders from Northwest Ohio, along with the presidents from Bowling Green State University, University of Findlay, and Owens Community College welcomed several legislators on Tuesday for a manufacturing roundtable highlighting the Center for Advanced Manufacturing.

The Center for Advanced Manufacturing was created through a partnership between BGSU, UF, and Owens Community College. Its purpose is to serve as the crucial conduit between regional industry, higher education, and economic development.

The Ohio General Assembly passed a State Operating Budget that in July Governor DeWine signed HB 33 into law. The budget included a $1,000,000 investment toward the Center.

“Northwest Ohio’s economy is anchored by manufacturing,” said Tim Mayle, executive director of the Center for Advanced Manufacturing.

“When industry, education, government, and economic development collaborate the results are improved capacities, higher quality products, reduced costs, and expanded talent pipelines, among other benefits.”

Mayle was on with WFIN’s Chris Oaks to discuss how the event went.



“We work every day to support industry to retain the companies we have and attract new investment,” Mayle said.

“Their investment shows that members of the Ohio Legislature recognize the unique capabilities of three higher education schools working together.”

As an innovation hub, the Center facilitates partnerships that allow manufacturers to tackle their largest obstacles, including changes in Workforce, Policy, Supply Chain, Operations, and Energy. Its signatory educational partners bring unparalleled access to training, research, data collection and analysis.

Examples of the Center’s capabilities include: From Co-Ops to up-training. From reshoring to Industry 4.0. For challenges seen and unseen.

The Center for Advanced Manufacturing is your first connecting point. Legislators that attended include Rep. Jon Cross, Rep Gary Click, Rep Jim Hoops, Rep Roy Klopfenstein, Rep Susan Manchester, Rep Josh Williams and Sen Theresa Gavarone. “I’m proud to have championed funding in the State of Ohio operating budget the past two budget cycles, totaling $3 million,” said Rep. Jon Cross.

“These state funds, in collaboration with public and private sector funding from the three institutions of higher education, will help prepare students with the degrees, skills and career pathways needed to fulfill the in-demand manufacturing jobs that continue to locate in Northwest Ohio. It’s a trifecta win for the students, colleges and businesses!”