Liberty-Benton Investigating Allegations Of Student Misconduct, Sexual Harassment

Liberty-Benton Local Schools says a matter involving allegations of student misconduct and sexual harassment is under internal investigation.

The school district says since minors are involved it’s limited in the information it can provide.

In a message to the Liberty-Benton community Superintendent Mark Kowalski said there is misinformation circulating in the community about the matter and that these matters take time to investigate and need to be handled very carefully.

“Without abridging the confidentiality rights of all of the minors involved, I want to assure our school community that the matters are still being investigated internally, and that the investigation may take a few more weeks to complete. The investigation involves speaking with several different students, staff members, parents and school employees.”

“Allegations of student harassment, bullying, and violations of our student code of conduct are matters that the Board of Education and the Districts administration take very seriously. Investigations of school policy and code of conduct violations must be handled in such a way as to protect the rights of all involved. This is especially true in cases involving students.”