Local Expert Talks About How To Prevent Workplace And School Violence

02/09/18 – 2:33 P.M.

Workplace and school violence is something most people don’t like to think of but knowing more about it can help prevent it. That was the message from the University of Findlay’s Randy Van Dyne of the All-Hazards Training Center.

Randy Van Dyne

Van Dyne explained that these types of situations are pre-meditated and usually stem from someone trying to get even with someone or something. He added that there is a continuum that they go through. This consists of forming ideas, planning, preparing, and implementing.

Van Dyne says that this allows time for prevention.

Randy Van Dyne

Van Dyne explained that a Behavioral Intervention Team can review information on workers. He added that it is important to have a team set up so that they can teach employees what to pay attention to and what to report.

You can read Van Dyne’s blog here and listen to the full interview below.