Local Jobless Rates Up In January

3/12/19 – 10:28 A.M.

Unemployment was up in the region in January. The Ohio Department of Job and Family Services says Hancock County was at 4 percent unemployment last month. Thats up from 3.7 percent in December. Unemployment is typically higher in January following the end of seasonal employment, however in January of 2018 the local unemployment rate was 3.6 percent.

All area counties are now at or above 4 percent unemployment. Wyandot County stood at 4.2 percent last month. Thats up from 3.6 percent in December. Putnam County also saw a jump in the jobless rate, going from 4 percent in December to 4.4 percent in January.

Elsewhere in the area, Wood County was also below 5 percent unemployment at 4.7 percent. Seneca (5.5), Allen (5.1), and Hardin counties (5.1) were all below 6 percent unemployment. Henry County has the highest jobless rate in the area at 6.9 percent.