Local Officials Respond To Robocall Made To Hancock County Residents

11/03/17 – 3:03 P.M.

A robocall was made to many Hancock County residents urging them to vote no on Issue 4. The caller said that the Hancock County Commissioners gave themselves a pay raise and that is why an increased sales tax is needed. During a press conference today, Prosecutor Phil Reigle said the commissioners cannot vote to give themselves raises.

Phil Reigle

Commissioner Brian Robertson said the money raised by Issue 4 will support law enforcement in the county.

Brian Robertson

Robertson explained that Issue 4 will raise funds for the jail expansion. It will also support a new building to house many different departments and the Probate and Juvenile Courts

Reigle said he wants to look further into election laws and talk to the secretary of state’s office before making an announcement on the legality of the call.