Local Organizations Collaborating For Community Supply Drive

A group of Hancock County organizations are collaborating for a community supply drive in the battle against the coronavirus.

Details are in the following news release from the United Way of Hancock County.

In an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Hancock County, a partnership of community organizations are inviting the public to participate in a community-wide mask and supply donation drive through April 30. Items requested include masks, cloth masks, gloves, cleaning supplies, thermometers, towels and twin-sized bed linens.

“There have been several requests for the PPE type masks for first responders, but this request is for masks that can be worn in congregated areas such as shelters to help prevent the spread of the virus to staff or other shelter residents,” said Leigh Zydonik, executive director for the Center of Civic Engagement. “We are also prepping for the possibility of an isolation shelter and will need cleaning supplies, gloves, bed linens, towels and thermometers to ensure the community is prepared to handle whatever may come our way.”

Representatives from the Center of Civic Engagement, United Way of Hancock County, Blanchard Valley Health Foundation, Family Resource Center, Family and Children First Council and the ADAMHS Board met virtually to establish need and drop off points for donated items.

“Were aware that many people have been making cloth masks to the point that its been difficult to find the materials to make them,” said Heather Heilman, community impact director for UWHC. “Were hoping some of them may have made extra and would be willing to donate.”

In addition to the donation drive, University of Findlay pharmacy students are also being requested to make hand sanitizer as part of the drive effort.

“The students have already been donating hand sanitizer to the health system, community pharmacies and first responders,” said Marie Swaisgood, chief development officer for the Blanchard Valley Health Foundation. “They are a great partner to get this important resource to the places it is needed most.”

Donations will be collected starting immediately until April 30 at these sites:

Collection box in the front vestibule at United Way of Hancock County, 245 Stanford Pkwy, Monday-Friday, 9am-3pm;

Drive-up collection at BVHS Foundation House, 223 W. Wallace St., Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 9-11am;

Collection box in the front vestibule at ADAMHS Board, 438 Carnahan Ave., Monday-Friday 9am-3pm.

“I know our community will step up in this time of need,” said Ginny Williams, chief clinical officer of the Family Resource Center.

“They always do and we thank them in advance!”