Local Paranormal Investigation Group Explores The Hancock County Courthouse

02/11/19 – 7:22 A.M.

A local paranormal investigator thinks that the Hancock County Courthouse is haunted. The Courier talked to Tim Murphy, a member of the Hancock County Common Pleas Drug Court team and ghost hunter. Murphy started Hancock County Paranormal Investigators with his friend Melissa Soto. In December, the group was allowed to spend a night in the Hancock County Courthouse, which dates back to the 1880s.

Murphy told the newspaper he captured the sounds of people walking and talking, a screeching noise and the ringing of a bell. He said he also felt a burning sensation on his neck and back while in the law library on the fourth floor.

The group has also explored Maple Grove Cemetary and area residences. You can learn more about the group’s methods and Murphy’s adventures on The Courier’s website.