Many Tour “Yankee Lady” B-17 At Findlay Airport

A lot of people took a tour of the B-17 Flying Fortress “Yankee Lady” at the Findlay Airport over the weekend, and some people even got to take a ride in it.

Joe Amend, a B-17 Flight Engineer with the Yankee Air Museum, was happy to see so many people checking out the plane.

Joe says a lot of people have a connection to the aircraft.

“The thing that we find is that a lot of people have a tie to it. Grandpa flew in it, or Uncle Bill flew in one of these. We’re able to let the family experience something that maybe they heard about, but in a lot cases didn’t hear anything because a lot of time those guys would clam up and not want to talk.”

Joe says the “Yankee Lady” was the 13th to last to come off the line in 1945 and saw no action in the war.

You can take a look inside the plane and get more of our interview with Joe in the video below.